The Right Eyeglasses Can Give A Candidate An Edge On A Job Interview


Everyone wants an edge over the competition when taking part in a job interview. Big things like knowing a lot about the company and having questions for the interviewer prepared help the cause. So do little things such as picking the right tie and shoes. The right choice of eyeglasses, however, is not usually considered. Surprisingly, putting the right effort choosing the perfect pair of eyeglasses can serve up a great assist during an interview.

A Solid Impression

The age-old notion that eyeglasses make people look smarter has never gone away. A recent study conducted by the College of Optometrists reveals 33% of adults view persons who wear glasses as being more professional. Professionalism and intelligence are definitely traits that are going to have value in an interview. This does not mean selecting any old pair of eyeglasses is going to be beneficial. Social and emotional intelligence also count for a lot. Beaten up and bent wire frames or ridiculous looking faddish glasses won't do much good. Here are a few tips on selecting the right glasses:

  • Fit the Face

Eyeglasses that blend nicely with the shape of a person's face are beneficial. Awkward fits end up being distracting and reflect poorly on the candidate's sense of style. The glasses should draw attention, but only positive attention. Only the right fit contributes to creating the right impression.

  • Match the Clothes

One particular style of eyewear might be better for the type of clothes intended to be worn during the interview. Not every interview requires a suit and tie. Depending on the job, casual wear may be appropriate for the interview. Selecting eyeglasses that match the particular clothing worn is critical. So, when visiting the optical center, wear clothes similar to what you will wear for the interview. This increases the chances of the right match.

  • Stay Conservative

Really thick nerd chic glasses of The Big Bang Theory TV show variety would look very hip in social circles. On a job interview, they would be inappropriate. Don't veer into "too trendy" territory since this may create the wrong impression. Remain more conservative with a selection.

Framing the Narrative

Last, no one ever said only those with poor vision are allowed to wear glasses. Non-prescription lenses can be put into stylish frames for the sole purpose of looking good and creating a brilliant image. Considering how valuable glasses can be during a job interview, it might be best to visit an optician and procure a nice pair of professional frames.


11 August 2016

Finding The Perfect Pair of Glasses

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