Non-Prescription Glasses: For Fashion And Function


When you go to a department store, it is not uncommon to see displays of non-prescription glasses. When you look at non-prescription glasses, it is important to realize that phrase has two different meanings. Here is more information about what it really means when you see the phrase "non-prescription" next to a display of glasses at a department store:

For Fashion

Most non-prescription glasses are designed for fashion purposes.


Most sunglasses that are sold in stores are not prescription glasses, even though they may have special features such as UV protection or have polarized lenses. Although it is possible to order special prescription sunglasses, the sunglasses that you find on displays in the store are going to be non-prescription.

Fashion Glasses

Another class of fashion non-prescription glasses are glasses that look like prescription glasses, but just have regular lenses. These types of glasses tend to follow the latest trends in prescription glasses, and come with the big chunky frames that are so in style right now. These types of glasses are designed to allow individuals to take advantage of glass fashion trends without needing a corrective prescription. These types of glasses can also be used to create or give off a certain intellectual personal.

For Function

The other type of non-prescription glasses that you will find are designed for function. These glasses actually contain corrective lenses like you would find on a set of prescription glasses.


The lenses inside of these glasses are used to treat presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition that many individuals develop as they age; it makes it difficult for them to focus on objects that are close to them, such as the computer screen or the newspaper.

These types of glasses are called non-prescription because a doctor did not examine your eyes and give you a specific prescription to fill in order to correct your vision. Instead, you tried on the different levels of corrective lenses offered and used the reading material at the glass case to determine what type of corrective lenses you needed in order to be able to read and focus on material close-up. Since you self-diagnosed yourself, even though the classes have corrective lenses, they are not considered prescription glasses.

Before you try on and purchase non-prescription glasses, make sure that you know what kind of non-prescription glasses you are looking for, and if you want to use them for fashion purposes or for functional purposes.

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9 November 2015

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