How To Choose The Best Glasses For Your Face


If you are nearsighted, buying glasses frames can be a struggle. If you don't have contact lenses, trying on glasses tends to result in you putting on the glasses and then pressing your face close to the mirror so that you can see clearly. Except, you're only going to be able to see part of your face when you are that close to the mirror and you will likely fog up the mirror with your breath. Here are some tips for choosing the best glasses for your face that don't involve getting too intimate with the mirror.  

1. Go With Contrast

First, you are going to need to determine what sort of face you have. Talk to your friends and ask for their honest opinion. You need to know your face shape in order to be able to choose a type of glasses frames that contrast with it. For example, if you have a round or oval face, you are going to want to choose glasses that are more angular and square shaped in order to give your face some definition and highlight your eyes. Oval faces especially are going to need a broad center to the frames in order to balance out the shape of the face.

If you have a square face or precisely defined cheekbones, you are going to want to get oval glasses or circular glasses in order to soften your features and look more inviting. 

Finally, try to avoid any glasses that draw attention to your forehead, especially glasses with embellished temples. This is a look that many people are not going for.

2. Check Your Skin Tone

Next, look at your skin tone or at pictures of you all through the year if you are trying on glasses in the summer and are unusually tan. If you have a warm skin tone, meaning that you are have yellow, bronze, or golden undertones to your skin, you are going to want to avoid pastel glasses and instead go with browns, beiges, or honey shades for your glasses because this will accentuate your skin tone.

If you have a cool skin tone, meaning that the undertone of your skin is pink or blue, then you are going to want to consider frames that are black, pink, purple, or gray. Doing so will allow you to highlight your skin tone.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in creating glasses frames (such as Wendy's Eyeglass Shack) for their customers.


18 September 2015

Finding The Perfect Pair of Glasses

When I realized that I needed glasses, I didn't know what to choose. I wanted to look professional, but I didn't necessarily feel like giving up my sassiness either. I was stressed about choosing the perfect pair of frames, so I started doing a little research. I realized that there were a few different basic frame shapes, which complemented different face shapes. This blog is all about helping you to find frames that will make you feel like a million dollars. Read on to learn which colors, patterns, and designs might work best for you. After all, you might wear them for a few years.