Training In Martial Arts? 3 Reasons To Consider Surgery To Improve Your Vision


Participating in martial arts training can be a good way to get regular exercise and learn to defend yourself. If you rely on glasses or contacts to see clearly, these vision aides may be hindering your ability to perfect your martial arts skills.

Here are three reasons why you might want to invest in vision correction surgery if you are serious about your martial arts training.

1. Poor vision can affect your balance.

When engaging in a martial arts sparring match, you will likely be required to complete a series of kicks and punches that are designed to defeat your opponent. Maneuvering on one leg while completing these martial arts moves can be difficult when you have poor vision.

Researchers believe that there is a connection between vision and the vestibular system (which is responsible for balance) located in the inner ear. Studies show that participants with poor vision had diminished balance when asked to complete movements testing the functionality of their vestibular system. By investing in vision correction surgery, you can help improve your balance for future martial arts training.

2. Peripheral vision plays an important role in effective martial arts training.

When it comes to martial arts training, good peripheral vision is essential. Studies conducted on the reaction time of students in a martial arts classroom setting show that when an attack is viewed with direct vision (what can be seen directly in front), the student is often too slow to defend against the attack.

On the other hand, when the attack was viewed with a student's peripheral vision (what is seen on the side when the eye is looking straight ahead), they were better able to defend themselves. Glasses make it impossible to have proper peripheral vision, so investing in vision correction surgery could help you improve your performance in martial arts combat.

3. Corneal scratches could occur while wearing contacts.

While some people might feel that contacts are safe to wear during a martial arts training session, contacts could contribute to eye injuries during training. Corneal scratches can occur when the contact lens scratches your cornea after a hit to the head.

Since many forms of martial arts allow head contact, the risk of corneal scratches is very real. Once you have sustained a corneal scratch, you are more likely to get another one in the future. Having vision correction surgery will give you the ability to see clearly without contacts, which allows you to train without the threat of corneal scratches.

Vision correction surgery can help you advance your martial arts training by improving balance, peripheral vision, and eliminating the threat of corneal scratches. Contact a professionals like Dixie Ophthalmic Specialists at Zion Eye Institute for more information.


16 September 2015

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